For the past 100 years, the Patterson Park Baptist Church has been one of a few evangelical churches on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore.  Now the time has come for us to pass on our heritage, as well as the property God has allowed us to use for a century, to a new generation of Christians with much the same philosophy and purpose as ours: to show God to the world by caring for others and making everyone matter.   

The members of Patterson Park Baptist Church are excited to announce that there will be a young, vibrant church continuing in this block of Eastern Avenue near Patterson Park, starting in November 2013! 

The Gallery Church of Baltimore is now located at 3115 Eastern Avenue, between Robinson Street & Ellwood Avenue.

Weekly Schedule:

11:00 am: Gathering for Worship

Other language churches that meet at Gallery Patterson Park:
Iglesia Hispana Bautista (Spanish) 
Pastor: Rev. Isaac Moncado
Worship services: Sunday - 11:00 am

The Gallery Church Office is now located at their Patterson Park location.